New Year & New Car Plans

New Year's Resolutions for your Vehicle

Even though January will be over before we know it, it's not too late to make some resolutions to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for 2016. You always feel better when you stick with resolutions to make change in your life, and vehicle resolutions are no different - you'll be glad your car is running smoothly (and your wallet will be, too). Here are a few things you'll want to follow through on:

Take your car for regular tune-ups. Many oil change places even offers free check-ups in between oil changes, because they recognize that it's a great way to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Get regular oil changes, too - follow the mileage and date guidelines on your windshield sticker. Stretching it out doesn't save you money in the long run because it can end up causing damage to your vehicle. If you think about how dirty your oil gets over time, you can easily see how skipping an oil change leads to a less-efficient car with more potential for problems. Keep all your fluids topped off - most oil change places will tell you if your other fluid levels are too low.

Clean your the clutter in your car out every single day. Don't procrastinate and say that you'll throw that soda can in recycling tomorrow, and then end up a week or two later with a pile of cans in your floorboard. It only takes a minute to work on the mess a little each day, and then you don't end up with a monumental task. If you have children, make them clean up their trash and bring in toys every day, too. You'll all feel better traveling in a clean car, and then you won't be embarrassed if you need to give your coworker a ride to lunch one day.

Pay attention to odd noises or other symptoms. You drive your car daily, so you become pretty attuned to its sounds. If you notice a weird clanking, buzzing, or humming, it's worth getting it looked at. Right now it might be a minor problem, but if you put off taking care of the issue now it can turn into something big - and expensive.

Take good care of your tires. Tire blowouts can be really scary, but they can happen easily if your tires are worn - or if you have nail in the tire that you're not aware of. Keep an eye on the condition of your tires regularly, and look for things that might be stuck in them. Check your air pressure, too. Most cars now have a warning if your air pressure gets too low, but a simple tire gauge is a great tool to have around.

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