Sales Staff

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  • Tommy Omar
    General Manager

  • Carey Laire
    Executive Assistant to GM

  • Howard Hubbard
    Sales Manager

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Howard has been one with the Force for 15 years 10 of which he has been a Jedi Master.  He has 3 Padawan learners and a wife who he fights the Galaxy for everyday!  His favorite quote is "Do or do not, there is no try!" That is how he approaches all aspects of life. May the force be with you.

  • Harpreet Budwal
    Inventory Manager

  • Brad Smith
    Inventory Manager

  • Brittany Hendrickson
    Financial Services Director

    Brittany joined the car business in 2014 after being in the service industry for over 20 years. She has a son that is the light of her life. She loves to travel and be outdoors.

  • Rob Zaher
    Business Manager

  • Cliff Melvin
    Business Manager

  • Tracie Mongold
    Internet Sales Director
    703-777-5055 x1918

    Tracie has been in the car business since 2009. She has a son who she enjoys spending her free time with. Tracie also enjoys spending time at the beach and visiting with family.

  • Ray Hartley
    Product Specialist

    Ray has been in the car business for 7 years. He enjoys playing golf. Ray has 2 daughters, Brittany and Christina. He also has 2 golden retrievers named Max and Livi. Ray attended James Madison University and previously worked in IT sales.

  • Juan "JC" Arrobas
    Product Specialist

  • Georgi Vukov
    Product Specialist

    Georgi started in the car business in 2015 and loves driving cars and working on car projects. Georgi enjoys making new friends and spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys going on trips. His favorite sport is boxing.

  • Terry Fant
    Product Specialist

    Born and raised in Culpeper, Va. I grew up working at my families service station turning wrenches and serving the public. I ran away to the car business in 2006 and met the love of my life Stacie in 2007. Together we have been a team working together and raising our family and doing what we love, selling cars.

  • Stacie Wakefield
    Product Specialist

    I was born in Lockhaven PA and raised in NoVa. The first half of my life was spent riding horses and raising my children with my deceased husband. Life changed drastically when Rick died but I found a new life with my better half Terry. We love selling cars and taking care of our children together and found our home with our extended family at Dulles Motorcars.

  • Elliott Glover
    Product Specialist

    Elliott Glover is from Philadelphia, PA and has been selling cars for the last 4 years. He is very much a people person and takes a genuine interest in getting to know his customers.  For him, its more than a sell, it's a relationship.

    When he isn't at the dealership, Elliott enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, reading or taking in a good movie. He is very much a foodie and enjoys preparing a menu for friends and family to enjoy.

    There isn't much that he hasn't done; from Surfing in hurricanes in the Outer Banks to working as a lumber jack. (If you get the chance, ask him about being kissed by a black bear while hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.) He is a certified dog trainer and volunteered as a behaviorist at an animal shelter for 3 years.  He studied musical theatre in school and finished with a degree in Business with a minor in Finance. He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and in Lean Methodologies.

  • David Black
    Certified Product Specialist


    I am a husband to my beautiful wife and best friend,  a dad to four wonderful kids! Two girls and two boys! I'm blessed to have the opportunity to provide for my family. When away from work, I enjoy watching movies and good TV shows. Such as The Walking Dead and Games Of Thrones! Fishing and vacationing to Florida as a family is a must for us as well!   

  • Luis Feliciano
    Product Specialist

    Luis Feliciano is new to the Northern Virginia region, and  automotive industry.  I have been working here @ Dulles Motorcars since 2016.  I have built and remodeled homes all over the state of New York for 20 years.  I graduated from Oneonta Job Corps in 1996 as an electrician, which started my career as a General Contractor. 

         I enjoy spending time with Family, I am a proud father of two well rounded young men, and a 70lb. 8 y.o. pit bull named Ox.  I have/and are willing to try most sports at least once... Thrill seeking adventures, and spontaneous nomadic travels are a way to keep a clear mind. 

  • Danial Zafar
    Product Specialist

  • Paolo Torrez
    Product Specialist

    Paolo has been in the car business since 2016. He is originally from Cochabamba, Bolivia. His previous experience is in the Hospitality Industry. Paolo enjoys spending time with his son Lucas and playing soccer when he has the time. He loves the interaction with people and to help them get exactly what they want.

  • Nick Harmon
    Product Specialist

    Nick just recently made the move to the Car Business from the Software Industry during the Summer of 2017.  Nick is a University of Central Florida Alum, where he studied Political Science, International Relations, and the Middle Eastern Peace Process.  He now uses these skills daily, mainly while developing lasting relationships with his customers.

  • Spencer Colbert
    Product Specialist

    Spencer has been in the car business since 2016. He is originally from South Louisiana. His previous experience is in the Oil & Gas Industry. Spencer enjoys sports, traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest! He loves connecting with people and helping them find that excitement and thrill they are seeking for.

  • Darlene Sherman
    Product Specialist

    I'm a wife and a mom of 3 kids and 3 dogs. I was born, raised and had my 2 sons in Connecticut. I met my husband when he was stationed at the sub base there. We've been stationed in Hawaii and Maine, with civilian life now here in the northern Virginia area.

    My passion for Mopars started when I was about 6, when my neighbor had a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.  There is something about the big, loud and fast cars of the era I grew up in.

    I started in the automotive industry about a year and a half ago, after being a stay at home mom and working part time for an electronics store. My husband and I each own a Ram and a Challenger. Our pre-teen daughter and I have done a couple of modifications to my Challenger, as she has the same love for Mopars.  She can't wait to have a Challenger of her own. We are part of the Board of Directors for Moparpalooza, an annual Mopar only car show that raises money for Fisher House.

  • Iman Jaberizdadeh
    Product Specialist

    Iman has been in the car business since 2011. His previous experience is in the Hotel Industry. Iman enjoys watching soccer games when he has the time. He loves the interaction with people and to help them get exactly what they want and need and that is why he enjoys this business. 

  • Ron Hubbard
    Product Specialist

  • Josue Miranda
    Certified Product Specialist

  • Dorota Szczepaniak
    Certified Product Specialist

  • Mariyam Mays
    Customer Service

    Mariyam was born in Philadelphia PA, and raised in Fairfax VA. She joined the Automotive Industry in 2013. She enjoys spending time with her family and doing Cosmetology on the side.